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Battery management system series products:

1.Suitable for high voltage, high current, high capacity and high power battery pack, Supporting energy storage battery packs for photovoltaic, wind power, UPS, peak valley regulation of power grid, vehicle power battery and other industries.

2.Battery voltage level: hundreds of volts, kilovolts or higher; Current level: tens, hundreds of AMPS, or even thousands of AMPS; Storage power level: supporting MWh or higher; Cell strings: dozens, hundreds or more;

3.Through flexible parameter setting, it can support battery types: ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, supercapacitor, sodium ion, lithium manganate, lead-carbon battery, etc.

Click here to download BMS data sheet      Manufacturing process of battery pack for BMS function show       Video: commissioning site of some actual projects


1. High voltage DC 325v-650v input, AC 220v100a output, 22kva capacity, or about 20kW power, no-load loss of about 25W, typical efficiency of 97%, with start and stop control signal to support BMS command control;

2. At the same time, 6-8 air conditioners or 3 250 electric welding machines work normally. It is difficult to encounter 220 volt appliances larger than these in daily life, let alone other household appliances. Combined with photovoltaic power generation, it can be applied to 220 V off grid power supply systems such as islands, deep mountains, large camps, high-end RV, villas and luxury houses.

Electronic module data sheet Download:

Code d13-717, 12v24v DC motor forward and reverse control, with overload overcurrent locked rotor protector, 10a current adjustable, click to download

Code g1123, DC motor forward and reverse speed governor 20a, with soft start brake, braking overload and locked rotor protection,click to download



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